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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a water purifier?

It’s a device that purifies tap water. It filters impurities, dissolved solids and chemicals diluted in it.

Municipality water may look clean, but it does not mean it is completely free of potentially unsafe substances. Water purification units remove them.

What are the technical requirements to have an Aguagente water purification unit installed at home?

keyboard_arrow_right Access to the drain under the sink.

keyboard_arrow_right Access to water intake under the sink.

keyboard_arrow_right Access to kitchen water supply or stop-cock (valve) for the installation.

keyboard_arrow_right Electricity outlet.

keyboard_arrow_right Solid and horizontal surface around the sink to install the purified water faucet.

How does it compare to purified bottle water plants? Is it different or the same?

We use the same technology as large purified bottle water plants, but instead of putting the water in bottles and storing them, in some cases for months and under the sun, we purify fresh water at the moment you require it. The water is purified seconds before you drink it.

What happens if I exceed my monthly purified consumption?

It is very unlikely that this happens since a household’s normal water consumption has already been accounted for. A household of 4 would have to consume the equivalent of 25 water jugs of 20 liters each in a month.

You can read our Contract in which consumption details are explained. We basically focus on a fair use consumption policy.

Is your equipment endorsed by the Health Ministry?

The Health Ministry does not certify water purification equipment. Even when some purified bottled water providers say it does, that is not true. Water from our equipment has been analyzed by private and independent laboratories to guarantee quality to our clients.

Why use Aguagente instead of bottled water?

We can suggest many reasons:

1.-Convenience. You will not have to carry and store those large water jugs.

2.-It may be cheaper. If you usually use three or more 20-liter water jugs at home per week, the cost of using our equipment will be lower.

3.-Availability. You will not have to fetch the bottled water or wait for the delivery truck to bring it to your home. You will have clean and fresh water exactly when you want it every day.

4.-Sustainability. The large amount of plastic debris accumulation in the environment will decrease, which takes centuries in degrading and it pollutes, as well as the contamination generated by the distribution and delivery of bottled water.

5.-B Corp. We are a socially responsible company at all levels, we take care of the impact we have on our associates and investors to our collaborators, suppliers, clients and the environment.

How often should my equipment get maintenance?

keyboard_arrow_right Aguagente changes filters annually.

keyboard_arrow_right However, if you notice any significant change in your water quality (i.e., color or flow of water) you should contact us to schedule a service call.

How often should filters be changed?

Maintenance and filters change is done every year.

Can anyone change the filters?

Only our technicians who are properly trained are allowed to give maintenance and change the filters.

Who is the owner of the water purification equipment?

The equipment is owned by Aguagente S.A.P.I de C.V., who provides a subscription service, and it is not transferable. In case of any doubt, you may read the Contract.

In case of contract cancellation due to moving away or any other situation which may require changing the equipment from existing location, it is necessary to notify an Aguagente executive to schedule a technician’s visit to un-install and re-install the equipment.

How can I get the Aguagente App?

You can download it on different devices (i.e., tablet, cell phone) from the AppStore for IOS devices and from GooglePlay for Android devices.

What is the Aguagente App for?

With the Aguagente App you can check the status of your service, your payments history, register a card and, most importantly, you can refer the service from your Smartphone.

May I download the App on different devices?

You may download our App on as many devices as you like.



How often should I pay?

Your payment is every month and, only at the beginning of the contract, you may be charged a deposit for the equipment, as well as an installation fee depending on the promotion at the moment.

Are you authorized by any institution to charge fees?

We have agreements with service providers who are responsible for charging and processing fees. These providers are regulated by the proper legal institutions.

What is social responsibility? Is it compulsory?

It is a donation that Aguagente makes. We donate 0.7% to those who need it and it is not compulsory, you decide whether you wish to contribute.

What happens if I am overcharged?

Do not worry, if this happened, we will give you a refund.

Can I get a tax invoice for my payments?

Of course, as long as you provide us your tax invoicing data.

What cards do we accept?
visa mastercard mastercard

What is the referral program?

The referral program may help you get an extra income. Through it you will first get our purified Water-as-a-service for free and then, as you continue to get more referrals, you will get an extra income.

What do I need to get referrals?

First, you need to be our client, then, after you refer six paying customers, you will start receiving our purified Water-as-a-Service for free. This way, using your first-hand experience, you can share your personal impressions and recommend our service.

May I refer Aguagente to anyone in your area of service?

Of course! You may refer us to your relatives, friends, acquaintances and even strangers. No limits.

Privacy Announcement
Is my personal data protected?

Certainly. All of your data is protected; you may want to read our Privacy Policy.

Do you need to validate my data?

Yes we do. It is necessary to give you a safe and stable service.