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Purified Water For Your Household

No deposit. Free installation

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Learn more about the purification system and what we do

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With Aguagente is easy to have a healthier life

Fresh and purified water of the highest quality

With our purification system, enjoy instant purified water to its 5 stage filtration process that includes reverse osmosis.


Save space in your home, avoid; carrying heavy jugs, unexpected visits to the store, and most importantly: purified water available 24/7.

Professional installation

Our qualified and experienced team, highly experienced in water purification systems, will provide you with unparalleled service.


One of the main advantages of using our purified water-as-a-service subscription model is that technical assistance and maintenance comes with no extra costs*

To enjoy the benefits of our service Contact Us!


We work under the highest health protocol standards

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We know this is a difficult time for everyone and
we all need safe purified water for
our families in our homes.

Your well-being comes first

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That is why we have implemented procedures to ensure the safety of our staff and clients. We prepare equipment and filters for installation. In most cases, installation is completed in less than an hour and filter changes in less than 30 minutes.

Our technicians have safety equipment, including face-masks, that they wear at all times. You do not need to stay with our technician while he completes your installation or filter change. Just take it into your kitchen and keep a safe distance from him if you want to observe his work.


More and more we are changing Mexico

  • cliente

    "I am very confident that my children drink water of excellent quality"
    Adriana Bernádez


    "Happy for its taste, and knowing that I am drinking uncontaminated water"
    Alma A. Zambrano


    "It is very convenient, besides to contributing to a socially responsible Mexican company"
    Miriam Martínez de León


    "I have invited several of my friends and now have free water"
    Leticia Ambrosio

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    "I find it quite effective, I am so very happy... the taste of water is very good"
    Alejandra Peréz


    "One of the best decisions of my life... because having pure water in your house 24/7 is a blessing"
    Alberto Rodríguez


    "I am a 100% satisfied customer... I forgot about the annoying garrafones, the taste is super good"
    Mayra Rodríguez


    "I love being a client of Aguagente, because they support me with an excellent service and I have unlimited water"
    Nora Hernández


I want Unlimited* Purified Water

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